General Overview

Structure of the Study Programme

The Engineering Physics Programme, as any other course in Engineering offered by Politecnico di Milano and by Italian Universities, is divided into two subsequent parts. A schematic of the typical academic path for students is reported below.

Schematic of the Study Programme

The “Laurea di Primo Livello” (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) is a three-year programme. Students attend courses to earn a total of 180 credits (ECTS). The completion of the undergraduate programme, together with a BSc in Engineering Physics, gives students access to the “Laurea Magistrale” (equivalent to a Master of Science), as well as to specialisation courses and to any first-level Master’s degree.

The “Laurea Magistrale” (equivalent to a Master of Science) is a two-year programme during which students earn 120 credits (ECTS). This programme is offered only to students who have graduated from an undergraduate degree and culminates in the attainment of the Master of Science in Engineering Physics. The degree gives graduates access to Ph.D. programmes, specialisation courses and second-level Master degrees.