Transfer from other track or other Italian universities

Transfer from another study programme or university

Bachelor’s Degree

If you:

  • currently are a student from a different university willing to move to Politecnico di Milano and enrol in a Bachelor’s programme,
  • have already graduated from Politecnico di Milano or from a different university and wish to enrol in a second Bachelor’s degree,
  • are a former student whose preceding career ended prematurely and wish to enrol again in a Bachelor’s degree,

then you should follow the instructions at the following link (Italian only).

Master’s Degree

If you:

  • are already enrolled in a Master’s programme in a different university and wish to move to Politecnico di Milano,
  • are willing to be awarded a second MSc’s degree,

then you should go through the same admission procedure as the one planned for the first-time enrolment in a Master’s degree.

Please notice that changing Master’s degree during the spring semester is not allowed.

Faculty Members in charge of Changes and Transfers

Prof. Stefano Longhi

Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6156