Master of Science – Graduation exam

Graduation Exam

The general rules that regulate the final exam are established by the Rules of the final graduation exam, approved by the Council of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, in the 09/02/2017 session.

In light of those rules, and as a result of the specific needs of the course, the MSc’s programme in Engineering Physics introduced some further integrations, approved by the School, included in the paragraph 7.5 of the Programme Teaching Regulation.

A summary of such rules is reported below.

The thesis activity will be executed autonomously by the student and devoted to innovative research topics falling within the remit chosen by the student either in the laboratories of the University or in external institutions, under the guidance of a supervisor. At the end of the activity, the student is required to present a dissertation which will be evaluated by a co-examiner as well.

The maximum mark given to the final exam for a thesis work with co-examiner is 7 (8 in exceptional cases, regulated by a specific procedure).

For the same amount of assigned ECTS, students may also want to develop a thesis activity focused on more consolidated topics and without the co-examiner evaluation. In this case, the maximum mark is 4 (5 in exceptional cases).

The calculation of the final grade and the recognition of highest honours (the highest grade summa cum laude) are regulated in details in the aforementioned regulations.

General information about the regulations, calendar and deadlines, admission and thesis submission are available at this this webpage.

Faculty Members in charge of MSc Graduation Exam

Prof. Davide Contini

Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6148

Prof.ssa Claudia Dallera

Email: Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6171