Bachelor of Science 3 years


Master of Science 2 years


PhD programme in Physics 3 years

Study Programme in Engineering Physics

The most advanced sectors at the forefront of industrial developments as well as several research fields rely on innovative technologies based on a highly scientific content. Transforming scientific knowledge into novel technologies and promoting innovation in the production processes require a thorough foundation in physics and mathematics, combined with a sound engineering mindset.

The mission of the Engineering Physics programme is to develop a highly qualified professional, trained to become an engineer of innovation. Students are trained to become capable of designing and managing innovation- and technology-oriented products and processes in diverse fields of both industry and research.

The Engineering Physics programme aims at providing students with a solid foundation – thanks to a plethora of courses focused on physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science – together with engineering skills in the fields of mechanics, automation and electronics among others. Moreover, the lab-first approach offered by several of the programme’s courses allows students to face actual issues and learn about real-world topics throughout their entire academic career.

The Engineering Physics programme is structured in two parts – a three-year Bachelor’s degree (Laurea Triennale), followed by a two-years Master’s degree (Laurea Magistrale). A Ph.D. programme in Physics is also offered to Master’s graduates who are keen to pursue scientific and technological research further.

Further information on the Engineering Physics programme at Politecnico di Milano, together with details on job opportunities and potential careers for graduates, are also available in dedicated sections of this website. The world of Engineering Physics

Lectio Magistralis

Anne L’Huillier – Nobel Lecture: “The route to attosecond pulses”

Sandro De Silvestri – Lectio Magistralis: 0 to 70 More Than Just fast!

Open Days

OpenDay 2024 – Presentazione corso di Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria Fisica

OpenDay 2024 – Presentazione corso Laurea Triennale – Engineering Physics