Bachelor of Science – General presentation

General information

  • Level: First Level Degree (Ordinamento 270/04)
  • Degree Class: L-08 – Information Engineering, L-09 – Industrial Engineering
  • Where: Milano Leonardo Campus
  • Affiliation: School of Industrial and Information Engineering
  • Nominal duration: 3 years
  • Official language: Italian

Study Programme Coordinator

Prof. Mauro Nisoli

Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6167


The Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics is an interclass programme that, as for what concerns the qualifying exam in Professional Engineering, complies with the Ministry requirements for both the Class of Information Engineering (L-08) and the Class of Industrial Engineering (L-09). Students are required to choose their class at the beginning of the third year.

The Bachelor’s degree consists of a three-year programme, with a total of 180 credits (ECTS) and includes three tracks which differentiate in the third year:

  • F1L – experimental laboratory activity, preparatory to the Master’s degree in Engineering Physics without educational obligations;
  • F1N – preparatory to the MSc in Nuclear Engineering: suitable for those students who wish to enrol in the Nuclear Engineering Master’s degree;
  • FFT/FDT – Information / Industrial option with an internship in companies, for an immediate entry into the labour market. Students will be awarded a BSc’ degree allowing education obligations for a maximum of 15 ECTS to enrol in the MSc’ programme.

The 180 ECTS needed for the completion of the course cover the following disciplinary areas:

  • General Physics, Condensed-State Physics and Chemistry;
  • Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics;
  • Basic Engineering topics;
  • Information and industrial engineering specific topics.

Consistently with the learning outcomes identified by the art. 3 of the DM No. 270/2004, the distinction between a Bachelor’s and a Master’s graduate consists respectively in an “adequate mastering of general scientific contents, even in the case when [the degree] is devoted to the acquisition of specific professional expertise” (BSc’s degree) and in “a high-level education for the application to specific high-qualification fields” (MSc’s level). Further information is provided at the Degree Programme website.

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Coordinator of the Study Programme

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