International Exchanges

International exchanges and experiences abroad are strongly encouraged throughout the Engineering Physics Programme. To discover all the opportunities, further information can be found on the website of Politecnico di Milano:

Throughout their academic career, students enrolled in the programme are given the chance to attend courses and take exams in foreign Universities. Proposals put forward by students interested in exchange programmes abroad are required to be assessed and approved by an academic panel.

In order to encourage international exchanges and experiences abroad, the Engineering Physics programme presents students with a plethora of opportunities:

  • an exchange programme abroad (within Europe) as part of the Erasmus programme, which typically lasts six months, to be possibly extended up to twelve months maximum;
  • an exchange programme as part of specific extra-EU initiatives;
  • Double Degree exchange programmes, lasting a period of three years (two of which spent abroad), in which students are awarded a second Master’s degree from the host University;
  • internships in foreign companies and research laboratories.

Further information on exchange programmes, double degree exchange programmes and international internships, European research projects and international relations are available HERE.

Students interested in spending a period abroad may also find further information in the documents “Requirements for mobility of the School

Faculty Members in charge of International Exchanges

Prof. Andrea Bassi

Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6010

Prof. Paolo Biagioni

Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6599