Bachelor of Science – Graduation exam

Graduation Exam

The general rules that govern the Final Exam are established by the Regulation for the Final graduation exam approved by the Council of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering in the 09/02/2017 session.

With respect to those rules, and based on the specific requirements of the course, the Engineering Physics Study Programme introduced some emendations, approved by the School and contained in the comma 7.5 of the Programme Teaching Regulation.

A summary of those rules is reported below:

Final Exam with Internship

In this case, the Final Exam and the Internship count for 15 ECTS. This corresponds to an internship activity of approximately three months, spent by the student in a company under the guidance of an internal tutor. At the end of the internship, students are required to write a detailed report on their activity. The assessment of the report will be used to increment the final mark. The maximum score is 7 (8 in special cases, specifically regulated). The mark to be assigned will be decided by the tutor and the Graduation Committee.

Final Exam with experimental laboratory activity

The Final Exam is connected to the course “Introduction to Experimental Research and Final Exam”, with a total of 3 ECTS. The obtained mark is not considered in the average score of the courses, but it is used as an increment to the final mark.

The course “Introduction to the Experimental Research” involves an experimental activity, to carry out autonomously by students under the guidance of a researcher (tutor). At the end of the activity, students are required to write an original dissertation, containing a critical description of the experimental activity and a discussion on the scientific topics involved. The dissertation, after approval and evaluation by the tutor, will be defended in the Final Exam in front of a Committee of the Study Programme in Engineering Physics. The maximum score is 7 (8 in special cases, specifically regulated).

Further rules

Regardless of the kind of Final Exam chosen, the following rules hold:

  • the Committee has to be provided with a copy of either the written dissertation or the internship report the day of the graduation session;
  • the final graduation mark and the recognition of highest honours are precisely regulated in the above-mentioned regulation documents.

Information concerning the general rules, regulation documents, the calendar for graduation sessions, registration and dissertation submission are available at this webpage.

Faculty Members in charge of the Graduation Exam

Prof. Davide Contini

Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6148

Prof.ssa Claudia Dallera

Email: Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6171