Study Plan

The Study Plan is the tool through which students state how many and which exams (and their corresponding ECTS) they intend to carry out throughout each academic year. The study plan should be completed at the beginning of the fall semester, in the period indicated in the Academic Calendar.

The study plan has to be submitted through the specific Online Services function.

Students may:

  • opt for the recommended study plan
  • modify the recommended study plan (in accordance with the requirements established by the University, the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, and the education rules of the Study Programme, independent study plans need to be evaluated and approved by the Study Programme Board)

In the spring semester, in the period set by the Academic Calendar, students are allowed to modify the previously submitted study plan. Further information is available in the dedicated section of the Politecnico di Milano’s website.


Bachelor’s Degree Study Plan

    Prof. Stefano Longhi

    Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6156

        Prof. Marco Marangoni

        Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6070

          Master’s Degree Study Plan

            Prof. Giacomo Ghiringhelli

            Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6067

                Prof. Paolo Laporta

                Tel: (+39) 02 2399 6096